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40+ groups representing artists, performers, writers, athletes & more launch campaign for AI that supports human creativity and accomplishment

WASHINGTON, DC / AUSTIN, TX (March 16, 2023) – A broad coalition announced the launch of the Human Artistry Campaign to ensure artificial intelligence technologies are developed and used in ways that support human culture and artistry – and not ways that replace or erode it. With over 40 members including major unions, trade associations, and policy experts representing individual creators and rightsholders from across the entire tapestry of creative endeavor, the Human Artistry Campaign is positioned to be a leading voice in the rapidly unfolding debate over the costs and benefits of different forms of AI.


The group outlined principles advocating AI best practices, emphasizing respect for artists, their work, and their personas; transparency; and adherence to existing law including copyright and intellectual property. 


The campaign urges supporters to sign a petition to advance these fundamental principles.


The launch was announced at SXSW in Austin today at an event featuring voice actor and prolific songwriter Dan Navarro, GRAMMY-nominated singer-songwriter Jessy Wilson and UT Austin professor and immersive technology expert Erin Reilly – and moderated by Rob Levine, Billboard’s Deputy Editorial Director.



“Artists shape our culture and help build a richer, more meaningful world. We simply cannot hand over that great responsibility to computers. AI is a wonderful tool, but it needs to complement human creativity, not replace it. We will not sit on the sidelines while Big Tech once again defines the rules for a new creative frontier.” – A2IM President and CEO Richard Burgess


“Black songwriters, producers, and artists already face an uphill battle for ownership, credit, and proper payment in the music industry. Although AI can be an incredible tool, without the protection of real human artistry AI could devastate the Black creative community that leads so much of popular culture.” – Black Music Action Coalition Co-founder and Co-Chair Willie “Prophet” Stiggers


“Artists and all creators are determined to lead on this issue and make sure we have a thoughtful, serious debate about both the risks and the benefits of AI. And the time for that debate is now.” – Susan Genco, Board Member Music Artists Coalition


“Incredible music originates from individuals. As we face growing AI capabilities, we as an industry are united around the fact that human artistry must be protected by strong copyright law and policy and that AI tools are developed in ways that do not undermine the value of songwriters’ work.” – NMPA President & CEO David Israelite


“There is so much potential with AI. But it also presents risks to our creative community. It’s crucial that we get this right early on so we don’t risk losing the artistic magic that only humans can create.” – Recording Academy CEO Harvey Mason jr.


“Human artistry is irreplicable. Recent developments in AI are remarkable, but we have seen the costs before of rushing heedlessly forward without real thought or respect for law and rights. Our principles are designed to chart a healthy path for AI innovation that enhances and rewards human artistry, creativity, and performance.” – RIAA Chairman and CEO Mitch Glazier


“It comes down to respect for creative workers and their craft. We have long fought for protections against misappropriation of our members' voices, likenesses and performances, and we are excited to continue that vital work in conjunction with our coalition partners. As technology continues to improve storytelling, we want to ensure humans are always at the center of the story.” – SAG-AFTRA National Executive Director and Chief Negotiator Duncan Crabtree-Ireland


“Artificial intelligence is a powerful, still-emerging technology that presents unique challenges as it matures in the creative arts space. We embrace the responsible use of AI, but recent advancements in AI have underscored the need to develop consensus on responsible use and to address important intellectual property concerns. Our culture and our technology must respect the foundational role that all creators play in AI’s ultimate output.”– SoundExchange President and CEO Michael Huppe



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